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I feel muted and hindered.. kind of like how I would imagine a wallflower feels. Faded, quiet, background noise.

I am in an amazing position within my job – I truly love it. However, it literally is a 24/7 job. I’m feeling the itch to work 40 hrs per week and then focus on me time.  The nesting phase where I truly do make my own home..

Some background is I never stop moving. Since I was 18, my journey never ends. From home, to college, to bachelor, to townhouse, back to my moms, into another apartment, then to my sisters house, then to a rental room, and now I’m within my work. From 18 until 24, I have packed up and moved onwards 9 times.

I plan to re-move in June-July 2011 with my boyfriend. This place will be home. I am done moving. The next move will be when I’m either pregnant and need more room or buying my first house.

I’m hopeful.. pouring over interior decorating magazines, making mental notes, playing with the budgetting, visiting furniture shops..

I just feel stopped because I want to start now; but have to wait 8 months.

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  1. Teri permalink
    2010/11/12 4:00 am

    From the sounds of it, it will go fast (your job has you moving pretty quick) – you can do a lot of stuff before you move in (pick fabric, art, paint colors..)

    Have fun!

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