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{review!} Happy Dog Acres


The Information: “Happy Dog Acres” Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • Doggy Daycare, boarding, rural and urban locations, veterinary & supply shop (with very cute things!)
  • My puppy Casanova (13 weeks old shih tzu/poodle mix) went for his first day of doggy daycare.

The Story: We entered the building at around 9am. I filled out a very detailed form, ranging from his likes/dislikes, his fears, any medical concerns (which they accomodate) as well as made up a list that allowed Casanova to only be picked up by those I gave permission.

Then a girl took him into the backroom behind the front desk (secure and safe) and he was off!

I returned at approx. 4pm instead of 6pm and Casa was extremely happy – tail wagging, licking everything, hyper, full of energy. Once we got into my vehicle and started moving, he fell asleep immediately in my arms. Pooped dog!

The Great:

I forgot Casa’ puppy food in my car. This is important for a puppy as he hadn’t ate at all and was gone frolm 9-6pm. When I called Happy Dog Acres, they happily explained that they would feed him their own puppy food, at no extra cost.

The Bad: The only things I didn’t like was that I wasn’t able to see where my puppy was going due to the fact they are renovating. For all I know he could have been stuck in a kennel all day, bored. Usually they do accomodate tours; however, due to construction, they couldn’t. Fair enough on their part!

When I dropped him off, I was told that when I picked him up, I would get a verbal report on how he did. At 4pm, when I picked him up, they went to go grab him for me and happily said, “They will explain how his day went!” – they returned, handed me my puppy, and then said, “Oh. It was a free day, so have a good one.”

Uhm. No report? The entire reason for it being free was because it was a trial run to see how he did.

The cost:

Haircut (and doggydaycare) is 50.00. This price is amazing!! A usual dog haircut is 45.00 and 3 hours long, where the dog is crated until they are groomed and then sent home. However, At Happy Dog Acres, Casa would get dropped off at 7am, go play with the other dogs, get groomed, and then go play some more. I love it. (I did not get the haircut deal – it is pre-booked)

The daycare was 21.00$ for an entire day!

Would I go back again:

Yes! The staff are friendly, the place is clean.. I was happy with how accomodating they were towards his food issue and ensuring his belonging didn’t get lost. The price is perfect, the level of excercise is great, the fact that it is safe and secure is a bonus. I also appreciate how they class similar dog sizes together … and the fact that there is always a person on the floor, playing and being active, as well as ensuring safety for all.

hidden info:

  • I wasn’t contacted by this company, nor did they know I would review it.
  • The day was free due to it being his first trial run.
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