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&Door to Door


Today brought me to the entrances of many strangers’ abodes. I am perfection when it comes to saying, “Hi! I am selling chocolate bars for ..” with the correct enthusiasm, tone, and laughter.

Never believe the term, “You can never have too much laughter” – you can. Especially when you’re sales partner is attempting to snoop into the strangers live and smashes her face into the invisable glass door.  By the time the door is opened, I was clutching my stomach, giggling uncontrollably, unable to talk, with my legs crossed. Hilarious!

Some pointers:

  • The colder it is, go ten times more colder and act as such. Sympathy is key.
  • The more ridiculous you sound, the funnier. It is an amazing pitch. “..and there is tin foil so if you are deserted in a Saskatchewan winter, its a chocolate bar and uhm.. its shiny so people can find you!”
  • Just because the doorbell is fancy, doesn’t mean the people who are cozy inside are.
  • The richer area you are in, the less sales you will make. Rich people guard the treasure.
  • Don’t offer the girl who is running to lose weight a chocolate bar. She will kill you.
  • Don’t quote this as part of you sales pitch. It won’t work. It will just make you giggle.

***unedited. Mistakes away; I’m heading to bed. xox.

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